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不同性質印墨在網版高線數印刷品質特性之研究__臺灣博碩士 ...

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Yongqing Chen

Master (foreign language):

Chen, Yung-Ching

Thesis Title:

Study quality characteristics of several different types of printing inks in halftone High Line

Papers name (foreign language):

An Investigation of Ink Properties in Fine Line Halftone Screen Print Quality


Dr. Xie Yucheng

Advisor (foreign language):

Dr. Hsieh, Yung-Cheng


Master's degree

Schools in name:

National Taiwan University of Arts

Department Name:

Application of Media Art Institute

Current school year:


Chinese Keywords:

Screen printinginkUV inkaqueous inkhigh linesprint quality

Foreign Keywords:

Screen PrintInkInk uvWater based InkHigh ResolutionPrint quality

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Ratings: 5/5

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